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Magne B6 oral vials


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One box of Magne B6 contains 10 vials 100mg/10mg of Magne B6 oral/drinkable solution.

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Magne B6 is a combination of two ingredients Magnesium lactatis and Vitamin B6.

Magnesium is essential in regulation of ion balance in the muscles.

Piryidoxin(Vitamin B6) regulates the function of Central Nervous System and metabolism of the amino acids and certain proteins.

  Magne B6 is usually indicated in conditions associated with magnesium deficiency : sleeping problems, neurasthenia, mental and/or physical overloads, spasms and muscular pain.

A double blind test of the Magne B6 efficiency proved beyond any doubts its effects.

Magne B6 was used for the therapy of a group of 31 children aged from 6 to 12 with attention deficiency and hyperactivity syndrome. The control group included 20 children with similar manifestations of the same pathology, which received a multivitamin complex.

The efficacy of the Magne B6 therapy was assessed in the 30th day with the aid of a complex clinical neuropsychological and biochemical investigations.

It was established that the administration of Magne B6 led to significant improvements in the behaviour, decreased the level of anxiety and aggression, improved overall the mobility, increased attention and focusing, corrected the magnesium homoeostasis, and favoured normalization of the blood electrolytes.

Major differences between the Magne B6 group test and control groups in the degree of expression of the indicated disorders were observed.

Magne B6 should not be used in the following conditions:    

Hypersensitivity to any components of the preparations.    

Severe liver diseases    

Kidney dysfunction (renal failure)    

Pregnancy and breastfeeding    



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Magne B6 oral vials

Magne B6 oral vials

One box of Magne B6 contains 10 vials 100mg/10mg of Magne B6 oral/drinkable solution.