The Golden Rule is that all Genuine Romanian GEROVITAL H3 tablets and/or GEROVITAL H3 injections by Ana Aslan are MADE IN ROMANIA & contain PROCAINE.

GerovitalShop Romanian Pharmacy is the largest online distributor of genuine Romanian Gerovital H3 products by Ana Aslan directly from the original Romanian Gerovital H3 manufacturer Sicomed S.A. Bucuresti currently under Zentiva name in Bucharest Romania.

The professor doctor Ana Aslan - the original creator of the original Gerovital H3 from Romania  - said:

" I declared war on aging. My treatment is a solution and Gerovital H3 is not only a treatment, it is a philosophy and a hope".

The Romanian Gerovital H3 proved  its efficiency during fracture consolidation periods and redefined sexual management being a promoter of an active sex life.

The Gerovital H3 from Romania has been used to treat cognitive impairment in the elderly substantially improving the memory and the sharpness like no other medicine or drug!

The original Romanian Gerovital H3 helps body adapt to stressors by heightening productivity of the adrenals.

The original Romanian Gerovital H3 readily affects fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

The original Gerovital H3 made in Romania has an amazing action against impotency, hair-loss and age and stress related conditions: stress, depression, osteoporosis, hypertension, age spots, varicose veins, graying hair, frigidity,  allergies, angina pectoris, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, lupus, Parkinson's disease, cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, P.M.S., atonic ulcers, poor hearing, poor eyesight, senility, hair loss/ baldness, wrinkles, poor circulation,  heart disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, neurodermitis, arthritis, muscular fatigue. 

The original Gerovital H3 Romania proved to increase body's immunity against all viral attacks!

The procaine hydrochloride within the original Romanian Gerovital H3 by Ana Aslan also supports adrenal function and enables the body not only to burn off excess fat, but also to block fat uptake.

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