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Gerovital H3 Tablets - 6 boxes


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6 Gerovital H3 carton boxes x 24 Gerovital H3 tablets each = 144 Gerovital H3 tablets to be shipped within 36 hours after cleared payment via registered airmail Priority.

The results are visible at different levels both mentally and physically after just one year of Romanian Gerovital H3 tablets treatment.  

Long term use of Gerovital H3 tablets it is recommended while no side effects and no overdose ever occurred.

Your body perceives the Gerovital H3 tablets as a vitamin so the effects delivered are very natural and smooth.

Perfected after years of hard work and research, the rich procaine original Romanian Gerovital H3 formula by the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan it is present inside all genuine Romanian Gerovital H3 tablets.

Below is one of the monthly standard treatment schemes recommended by
the Professor Doctor Ana Aslan  for preventive and curative treatment of old age phenomena using Gerovital H3 tablets :

2 Gerovital H3 tablets daily, two or three hours after meals, over a period of 12 days.

Break until the end of the month and repeat for at least 12 month.

Series of Gerovital H3 injections and sugar-coated Gerovital H3 tablets should be alternated yearly either continuously or with one-month pause between them.

The schedule and the frequency of pauses will be decided by the geriatrist accordingly with the aging status of the patient and with the personal feedback of the patient followed religiously.




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Gerovital H3 Tablets - 6 boxes

Gerovital H3 Tablets - 6 boxes