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  • Aslavital MineralActiv
    The original Romanian Aslavital cosmetics with Aslavital Natural Special Clay are specifically designed for the sensitive, allergenic & the irritated skin.

    The Professor Doctor Ana Aslan originally created the Aslavital variety with
    Aslavital Natural Special Clay especially for her specific skin type issues.

    Aslavital line is based on an original concept for preventing and delaying the aging of skin, concept that exploits the extraordinary potential of the Aslavital Natural Special Clay.

    Thanks to this association the
    Aslavital line stimulates the defending mechanisms of the skin against the increasingly aggressive environmental factors having also calming and intensive repairing action.

    All the Aslavital products are Dermatologically Tested Safe and Hypoallergenic 

  • Gerovital H3 Classic

    The Gerovital H3 Classic Cosmetics were originally made under the direct supervision of the professor doctor Ana Aslan. Gerovital H3 Classic Cosmetics are products of high quality with unequaled benefits into helping your skin to become healthier and smoother. Emollient moisturizing cream, intensive day lift moisturizing cream, exfoliating cream,  regenerating hand cream & regenerating  mask, nourishing face cream,  anti-wrinkle eye contour cream, moisturizing cleanser and replenishing night lift cream by the Gerovital H3 laboratories!                               

  • Gerovital H3 Evolution

    Gerovital H3 Evolution cosmetic line is the latest issue of the Gerovital H3 Laboratories from Farmec Cluj-Napoca.

    The Gerovital H3 Evolution formulations includes new compounds as SuperOxide Dismutase and Trylagen that ensure a complete regenerating action upon skin.

  • NEW! Gerovital H3 Derma+

    New Pharmaceutical Grade Cosmetic Line by Gerovital H3 Derma+ 

  • Gerovital Stop Acne

    The Acne Stop cosmetic line by Gerovital Plant is very effective in helping younger people to restore the beauty of their faces affected by Acne.

  • Gerovital Sun
  • Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair Loss Treatment by Gerovital H3 laboratories has an unique and effective formulation. This new and amazing Hair Loss Treatment has a regenerating and revigorating action over the hair. All the products within the Hair Loss Treatment category are dermatologically tested safe. The Hair Loss Treatment is recommended for various hair conditions including hair loss or degraded hair due to colouring cosmetic products.

  • New! Derma+ Premium Care
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