Answering frequently asked questions

1. Do you ship to my specific country?

Yes, we do ship worldwide including the countries forbidding drugs imports because we ship hidden and declare to be something else in order to pass throughout the Customs.

2. It is free shipping regardless to my order?

No, you must buy one offer with advertised free shipping or to purchase in total amount of 199 Euro or 249 Usd.

3. It is free shipping to the countries which forbids drugs imports?

Yes, unless your order requires split shipping. Then you will be asked to pay 50% of every other shipment expenses. Unlike other sellers we do not chase profits from shipping fees.

4. Is this the original product Gerovital H3 by Ana Aslan?

Yes, we are supplied by the original Romanian manufacturers: Farmec S.A. the cosmetics and Sicomed S.A.- Zentiva the tablets and the injections. Please check this for further info regarding original and fake Gerovital H3 products for sale online.

5. Can you provide me with legal papers for importing the original Romanian Gerovital H3 in my country?

No, the international situation of the Gerovital H3 brand name is somehow confuse therefore we are allowed to export within the European Union only.

6. Long term use of the Romanian Gerovital H3 can cause unwanted side-effects, addiction or overdose?

No, there are no side effects whatsoever while the Romanian Gerovital H3 product is non-addictive and has no reported overdose unless injecting huge quantities by mistake.

7. Does Romanian Gerovital H3 cure cancer?

The Romanian Gerovital H3 neither cures or aggravates cancer.

Although the Romanian Gerovital H3 procaine medication is not carcinogenic, it is not recommended to the patients with cancer, as its stimulating effect on mitotic potential of the neoplasic cell is not excluded.

8. Is it the Romanian Gerovital H3 an effective and safe antidepressant?

Yes, the Romanian Gerovital H3 is a safe antidepressant recommended for light depressive syndromes while it has not the usual multiple dangerous side effects of the traditional antidepressant drugs.